I have been to about five different dentists with insurance changes and Dr. Whitefield has been the BEST dentist BY FAR that I have ever been to. I HIGHLY recommend this practice!

Dr. Mark Whitefield is a native of Nashville, graduate of David Lipscomb University and University of Tennessee at Memphis Dental College. He is an accredited member of the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), a board certification that only 350 dentists worldwide have achieved. Dr. Whitefield comes from a family steeped in dental tradition and worked side by side with his father, Dr. L.C. Whitefield for many years. He and his wife Jenni are the proud parents of three children. Dr. Whitefield devotes time to dental missions in Guatemala and likes to duck hunt.

My son broke his front 2 teeth. The dentist was able to fix the problem without another appointment. Brandon was amazing too, he had a kid friendly attitiude that is very much appreciated!


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Dr. Hill was born and raised in Nashville, TN. He attended Brentwood Academy for high school and then earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences from Auburn University. He then attended the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry graduating with Honors. After graduating from Dental School he was accepted into a General Practice Residency program at Georgia Regents University (formerly know as Medical College of Georgia). In this residency he gained experience in treating complex dental cases as well as treating medically compromised patients. He also gained experience in Implant Dentistry and I.V. Sedation. In his free time Dr. Hill enjoys hunting, fishing and most things outdoors. He also frequently returns to Auburn University for football games. Dr. Hill is extremely honored and excited to return home and work with the wonderful staff and patients at Whitefield Dental.


One of the friendly faces that will greet you when you visit. Whether its your first or fiftieth visit, Amanda is ready to assist you.


More than the pleasant voice you may have heard when scheduling an appointment, Ann is here to make sure your visit to our office is a great experience.


Your smile is never in better hands when Ashlee is your hygienist. Her focus is to provide the best experience to each patient she sees.


Assisting with your dental needs is more than a title for Brandon. His friendly demeanor and personality make everyone feel like family.


Community and service in the field of dental hygiene have always been a passion for Holly. She brings that passion to every patient.


An energetic personality and smile sets the mood in our office. From the start of your visit to the end, Kanetha will always make your day a little brighter.


Although you may not see her, Kendra makes sure your experience is more like spending time with friends than a visit to the dentist.


A teacher at heart, Meredith makes your regular cleanings more than routine. Her fun sensibility eases the time in the chair.


A tireless promoter for oral health issues, Nicki is quite active in the dental community. She shares this commitment in her care for every patient.


Effervescent and witty, Robyn is welcoming presence for all in our office. You may have seen her discussing her own implant experience in one of our videos.


A smile is so important to your health and Valerie makes sure that her attention to detail is a part of every regular cleaning for each of her patients.


  • Case I Portrait
  • Case I Before
  • Case I After


This patient had teeth that never came in completely as a youth resulting in an uneven bite and gap. Using a dental bridge, Dr. Whitefield evened up the bite and filled in the gap which gave the patient an improved smile.


This patient had crowns placed on her teeth after an accident when she was very young. As an adult, these crowns no longer fit properly and needed to be replaced. Using modern materials and more advanced techniques, Dr. Whitefield was able to make a remarkable improvement to the teeth. The result is a more natural looking smile and a very happy patient.

  • Case II Portrait
  • Case II Before
  • Case II After
  • Case III Portrait
  • Case III Before
  • Case III After


This patient had issues with past dental work and was not satisfied with the overall appearance of her smile. Dr. Whitefield was able to create a natural, more appealing smile by using a composite bonding material and reshaping the surface of the patient’s teeth. The bonding material is matched to the patient’s teeth and once hardened is virtually undetectable. The result is a brighter, attractive smile and was accomplished in one visit.